Hypnosis for sleep difficulties

Michelle Levin, Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis For Insomnia

We all take take sleep for granted. Until we can’t get to sleep, then we can’t till of anything else. And the more we thing about it, the harder it is to drift off to sleep, and the less sleep we get. This is hypnosis for insomnia can help.

Sleep is the foundation of maintaining good health. In a recent survey of Australian sleep patterns it was noted that about 40% of participants surveyed detected that a bad night’s sleep impacted their brain functioning such as concentration, motivation and mood.

According to * Dr David White, Chief Medical Officer at Phillips Sleep & Respiratory Care, the following survey results show-

  • 14.8 per cent of Australian Adults meet the threshold for a clinical diagnosis of insomnia.
  • 59.4 per cent report at least one sleep symptom three or more times a week
  • 48.8 per cent have daily routines that doesn’t allow them to get enough sleep

Sleep disorders are the new wave of major health issues and is recognised by governments all over the world a key risk factor and emerging crisis to people’s diminishing health. Help for sleep disorders with hypnosis is a process that is holistic and drug free to promote sleep. The following is the current scientific facts and the causal links of sleep deprivation.

  • Depressionhypnosis for insomnia
  • Heart Disease
  • Shorter life
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer disease
  • Weaken immune system
  • Learning difficulties

These facts are indeed uncomfortable, I cannot stress how important it is to have good sleep to restore your mental and physical health.

Have you ever wondered what the optimal sleep amount should be? Scientists have discover its eight hours. This is what eight hours nightly can do you for you.

  • Promotes good health
  • Boots your immune system
  • Learning and memory improves
  • Creativity and inspiration is enhanced
  • Insight is increased three fold

For example if you have eight hour sleep every night and the next day you are learning something, that evening if you get your eight hours sleep this learning is then moved from your short term memory and consolidated into your long term memory. The brain is so smart that during your sleep it can take the new memoires and associate and update with pre-existing information you have stored in your brain.

I would also like to mention about prescribed medication, what is does to your brain is that it knocks out your cortex by sedating it, this is not sleep and your brain has missed out on what it needs to do what it is designed to at night time.


Hypnosis for Insomnia at Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy

Here is where I can help you, I use clinical hypnosis to assist you in learning to reset your sleeping patterns, and this is a tailored hypnosis for insomnia program takes into account your unique situation. I also provide support with a hypnosis for insomnia recording to assist you in breaking the cycle and to function at an optimal level.

Call at me Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy on 0402 162 805 and start experiencing restful sleep with hypnosis for insomnia.

Before you start therapy please check with your Doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition.