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Hypnosis For Pain Management

A message from Michelle Levin about hypnosis for pain management 

“I know what is like to suffer from pain and the thought that I would be on medication for-ever frightened me. I did not want to have chemicals coursing through my body doing unknown damage to my organs and I was such an unhappy person because of my pain.

I was tired trying to hide my pain, you know what I mean and then finally I was at my wits end until someone said try a hypnotherapist. I was skeptical about hypnosis for pain management however I was so desperate that I did find a clinical hypnotherapist and my life changed. I have been virtually pain free for many years, my experience was life changing that I had to help other people who suffered with pain so became fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist so that I can help you.”



How the brain creates the experience of pain?hypnosis for pain management

The prefrontal cortex of the brain is responsible for cognition, eg knowing and perceiving etc. Scientists have found that prefrontal cortex also holds the cognitive aspects of pain, this is where the memory of pain and your evaluation of pain resides. Once the pain signal is released your body knows what to do and how much pain you should experience, this process keeps repeating itself, its similar to your body going into flight and fight mode.


Is hypnosis successful in treating pain?

There is evidence that hypnosis for pain management affects the activity of the nervous system which reacts to the pain messages. Hypnosis can calm down the pain signal and can help you break or reduce the signals of pain to the brain. There is an added benefit of hypnosis, it helps greatly with the emotional feelings associated with pain such as anxiety, stress, feeling depressed, lack of sleep etc. The bonus is that it’s quicker than meditation it’s a natural therapy with no side effects


Hypnosis for pain management in Sydney’s CBD with Michelle Levin

If you experience recurrent or chronic pain, Michelle Levin and Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you reduce and manage pain. Give Michelle a call today on 0402 162 805 for a no obligation chat about how hypnotherapy can help you enjoy life again.