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Michelle Levin, Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Welcome to Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy, we provide professional clinical hypnotherapy services in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. With many years experience we help people across the city change and achieve their goals using hypnosis. 

Perhaps you’ve tried again and again, only to fail and fall back into old habits, Michelle Levin and Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you want. We’re Registered Hypnotherapists with the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia so Michelle today for a no obligation talk about how hypnotherapy can help you.


Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy


Hello, I'm Michelle Levin principal hypnotherapist at Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy. We're in Sydney's CBD and even day we help people just like you change, achieve their goals and live healthier and happier live though hypnotherapy. Give me a call on 0402 162 805, or if you prefer, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and let's start a conversation about how you can change you life for the better. 

Quit Smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking? Would you like to regained control? I can work with you and help you quit smoking permanently in just 2 hours read more

Lose Weight

Are you finding it more difficult to keep to your weight loss plan? Do you weight loss goals seem unreachable? Hypnotherapy can get you back track read more  

Manage Pain

It has been shown that some patients who experienced hypnosis prior to or after surgery require less anaesthetic and reported less pain and nausea read more

Reach Your Potential


Achieve more, get motivated and reach your potential by using the ability of your subconscious mind with hypnotherapy read more


Increase Your Confidence

Boost your confidence and self esteem, overcome limiting beliefs and start enjoying life again with hypnotherapy – read more

Overcome Anxiety

Do you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed? Have other treatments not worked as well as you expected them to? read more

Improve Your Sleep

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a natural and non-evasive therapy. I can teach you techniques to help you get a better sleep read more

Experience Relief From IBS

Hypnotherapy is a proven, natural and non-invasive treatment for irritable bowel syndrome  read more

Overcome Addictions

Do drugs, gambling or alcohol distract you from normal life and day-to-day responsibilities? Break the cycle with hypnosis read more