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About Michelle Levin Hypnotherapist

Behind Michelle Levin Hypnotherapist and a swathe of professional qualifications is a burning desire to help you realise your full potential. And there’s a warmth and assurance that puts you instantly at ease.

But there were also years of chronic pain so bad Michelle was told she’d be on medication for the rest of her life. In her constant search for a solution, Michelle tried everything. Hypnotherapy was her last resort. To her amazement, it stopped her chronic pain.

So Michelle went on to study clinical hypnotherapy and allied courses to help people overcome chronic pain and many other debilitating influences in their lives.
“Chronic pain can turn your life upside down, with seemingly no way out,” says Michelle. “I’ve been there and hypnotherapy was my salvation.”

She practices solution-based hypnotherapy, using proven strategies to help you make positive changes in your life, including the anxiety and depression that underlie many issues.

Michelle has always had a social conscience. Helping others is in her DNA – and she can help you live the life you love.


Michelle Levin Hypnotherapist – Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Michelle Levin

Michelle Levin

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